ESUR Board

K. Junker Homburg (DE), Chairman
J. Ceraline Illkirch (FR), Member
I. Heidegger Innsbruck (AT), Member
C. Jeronimo Porto (PT), Member
H.Y. Leung Glasgow (GB), Member
K.A. Tasken Oslo (NO), Member
G. Van Der Pluijm Leiden (NL), Member
A. Vlahou Athens (GR), Ex-Officio

The EAU Section of Urological Research (ESUR)

The ESUR aims to promote basic and clinical research in the field of urology and related areas. We act as a platform for researchers in different disciplines, in order to improve the coordination of experimental research.

The European Association of Urology

For almost 40 years, the European Association of Urology (EAU) has addressed the most pressing issues of urological care in Europe, through its scientific and educational initiatives, as well as its publications. The EAU delivers training, stimulates research, organises exchanges and broadcasts information.
More than 18,000 professionals have joined the EAU and together we create and explore numerous opportunities for professional growth and knowledge-sharing