ESUR19 spurs interdisciplinary links and knowledge-sharing

ESUR19 spurs interdisciplinary links and knowledge-sharing

By Prof. Carmen Jeronimo
IPO Porto (PT)

Expect stimulating multidisciplinary discussions on relevant urological research topics at the 26th Meeting of the EAU Section of Urological Research (ESUR19).

ESUR19 is designed as a forum dedicated to knowledge-sharing of basic, translational and clinical research results, as this can lead to solid understanding of urological tumours benefitting patient treatment and management.

International experts will present the findings of their investigations on urological cancers which will cover topics such as bladder dysfunction; local therapy in metastatic prostate cancer; microenvironment; metabolism and epigenetic reprogramming.

ESUR19 will also examine epidrugs: From the basics to the clinical trials; immuno-oncology (pre-clinical and clinical trials); molecular subtypes and therapeutics; data protection regulation and ethics.

In addition, the meeting will include a point-counterpoint session on kidney cancer to tackle topics of debate from both clinical and research points of view.

Highlights to look forward to
ESUR19 aims to gain new, more effective diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for urological cancer patients through knowledge-sharing.

For instance, knowledge on different cancer biology aspects, including interplay between metabolic shift and epigenetic reprogramming, might provide the novel cancer therapeutic targets that need to be explored. Moreover, novel molecules targeting the epigenome have already been tested at both pre-clinical and clinical settings, alone or in combination with immunotherapy.

ESUR19 will also address the updated information on individual data protection and ethical issues related with patients in an interdisciplinary setting.

Encouraging connections
Although there are some translational research groups working in urological research in Portugal, connections among basic/translational researchers, clinicians, and pathologists are not prominent. This results to limited knowledge-sharing among them. ESUR19 will help mobilize this research community and help enable more collaborations. This is an example of why ESUR meetings are established: To boost patient care and treatment strategies by encouraging interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing.

Explore what ESUR19 has to offer
ESUR19 is organised in collaboration with the American organisation SBUR (Society for Basic Urologic Research) and the ESUP (EAU Section of Uropathology) to bolster interdisciplinary discussions. The meeting will take place from 10 to 12 October 2019 at the Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto (IPO Porto).

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